Monday, November 30, 2009

"Purse"uit of Excellence

Our Ward Young Women had their YW in Excellence Program a couple of weeks ago. The theme centered around purses. It was so cute! They even had a cake shaped like a purse for dessert. The girls all sang a beautiful song, and there were a couple of wonderful speakers. Each of the girls displayed a project that they have completed or that they're working on. It was a great evening. We are very proud of our girls. They are working so hard, and they are so busy! They can both do anything they put their minds to. I am so thankful that they have such a desire to choose the right, and stick to their standards. They are turning into such beautiful young women, inside and out. We love you girls!

We are blessed to have an awesome group of young women in our Ward. Our girls have lots of great friends. We are also very thankful for their wonderful leaders. They have no idea how important they are to us and our girls. Thank you all!

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